You may ask why our clients should care if we have fun. And admittedly, when a deadline is breathing down our necks or a shipment is stuck in Shanghai, it can be about as fun as running over dog mess with your lawnmower. But we do believe it is important to always enjoy being here because that passion and energy is sure to be reflected in the work. The "plus" is our clients seem to think it makes us more enjoyable to talk to.

Working at bluespace is a lot like working at a carnival - you're always surrounded by action, excitement, and a bunch of other clowns. We're quite consistent at scaring each other by jumping out of creepy corners or throwing firecrackers into each other's spaces. Company events include dressing up like wierdos before going out to a restaurant or gathering for drinks at our in-office bar.

It's stressful, exhilarating, crazy, amazing, exhausting work. And we want to be here when you call Monday morning. Let's have some fun.

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