Every time we pick up the sketch pad, our reputation is on the line. If we needed any more motivation to avoid the easiest, fastest, most painless route, this would be it. We do this every day not for the glory of the industry's awards or to be held in high esteem by other designers and marketers, but to create noticeable results for our clients. They tend to appreciate this (and in turn recommend us to their friends, which is why we've never had to advertise ourselves, why we don't cold call, or even have a sales staff for that matter.)

We'd rather build you a brand than a logo. We'd rather build you an effective campaign than a cheap, grabby ad. We'd rather build you a web presence than a web site.

The bluespace team is constantly aware that our work is meant to achieve a purpose. Sometimes that means we must break new ground, sometimes it means staying true to what we know will work. If you ask someone here why they did something, we don't settle for an “I don't know” or an “It just looked right”. The attractiveness of our work is simply a means to an end. It's the message that matters, so our message will continue to remain: “make it work”.

We've never believed in hiring lots of administrative people. Instead, we're a firm composed of passionate creative types who simply love this job. Instead of asking a client how nice a piece looked, we're more likely to ask how effective it was toward achieving their goals. Pretty pictures are a dime a dozen, but effective brands are few and far between. Have us build yours and you'll see what we mean.

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