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brand is everything

Bran for breakfast? You're actually eating a brand. Every day we make choices based on "brands"- the reputation, the image, the perception by which organizations succeed or fail. Every communication, every choice, every word you choose shapes the quality of yours. Is it saying exactly what you wish? Everything we touch at bluespace is not seen as an individual project, but a chance to build a beneficial brand for the client. We go beyond marketing to provide longer-lasting results your company can live by every day.

brand assessment & strategy

Ideally, the Brand Assessment is where it all begins. For both existing and start-up brands, the idea is to privately pull back the curtain, revealing the audience's deep-set emotional connections (or disconnections) with your message. The research is intuitive and comprehensible, supplemented by the professional guidance of an experienced marketing team.

The strategy is provided simultaneously, a step-by-step plan to advance your brand to where it needs to go over the course of a year, with accountability and follow-up measures in place to ensure the initiative stays on track.

brand standards

Branding is all about consistency. Anyone who has listened to a fervent crowd knows there is power in a unified voice. Brand standards provide every brand supporter a clear guide to keep the brand investment on track. Every leader, every communicator, every supplier has a passionate reminder of the brand's goals and message at their fingertips. Our team creates highly professional brand standards with the help of our client's organization, leaving flexibility to amend brand standards each year.

brand structure

Any organization with multiple entities, any business with multiple products faces important decisions to either distinguish or unify each sub-brand's meaning to the marketplace. Often, the roles are cluttered, overlapping, or unclear - and therefore meaningless or damaging to the audience's perception. Relationships in branding send important messages, we create great relationships with our clients to make sure they're effective.

international branding

Managing a brand is hard enough in one country. How can one expect to communicate it across the world's kaleidoscope of cultures and languages in an effective way? A happy thumbs up in our nation may mean something sinister somewhere else. When can you utilize economies of scale and when must you change things? We offer our experience in brand relations from South Africa to China to maximize your investment while ensuring the right messages are sent, no matter where your brand is going.

logo design

A logo is often misinterpreted by businesses as being their brand (it isn't.) Your brand is not visual like a logo - it is held in hearts and minds - but that doesn't diminish the importance a logo has in the foundation of a great brand. A logo's job is to be unique, recognizable, and instantly representative of your brand. While many companies seek to keep their logos in step with the latest trends, the most powerful logos are the ones which stand the test of time with very little alteration. With award-winning marks in international publications, we have experience creating a logo that will put your brand's image in position for success.

name development

How do you know if your name is effective? It's a good question, and for good reason. Your name is your brand's first impression to your audience, and the way they will refer to you thousands of times a day. Good brand names are all the same - only in the sense they are all unique, and all relevant to the business they are in. If your name doesn't perfectly say who you are, your brand is greatly limiting its impact. Hundreds of brands have sought our help in enhancements or adjustments to their names, providing us the experience to handle a sometimes controversial change with the tact and confidence it requires.

positioning / tagline

It's true - we live in the era of instant disinterest. It's not a commentary on society, just on the demands of today's marketing. Positioning stakes your claim in the great land of "Why should I care?" If your claim isn't different from anyone else's, do you really expect them to listen? Positioning brings focus and guidance to the brand, it tells your audience what to expect and reminds your workers what they are supposed to deliver, all in just a few words. Smart!

vision / mission statement

We believe your guiding statements and values are not for your employees only, but to show the world your commitment to the thing you are most passionate about. Many branding initiatives start right here, to ensure the promise being made to your audience is being backed by the people meant to provide it. Makes sense to us.


Every day, the average person is bombarded with advertisements to the point where it’s easy to just ignore all of them. We work to develop ads which break through that barrier and drive the action you're looking for.

market research

Call before you dig! With our experience in many, many industries, we may have a good grasp on your field before we even start to poke around. bluespace will employ a creative approach to ask the right questions to get a realtime pulse on your brand's marketplace and uncover all the opportunities which await you.


The interesting thing about campaigns is that they are a strategic move for both more creativity and more consistency. A highly creative campaign solves problems, shifts perceptions, and commands attention at a single glance. Our team will gain a great understanding of your campaign's purpose before delivering a unique approach designed to drive action for your brand.

media buying

When you're looking to get the most of your advertising budget, working with someone of ad buying experience can often do more with less. We're happy to put your message in the places where it's most effective and do some negotiating to get more bang for your buck.

media campaigns

What you may see as a small achievement can become a national news story with a little creativity! Likewise, your big news story could fizzle without the proper angle and timing. From simple media writing to strategic submittal techniques, the bluespace creative team provides its clients with a professional PR service as a powerful brand-building tool. Many times our releases gain invaluable "free advertising" for our clients and are sometimes ran word-for-word in local, regional, and national outlets.

public relations

New hires, ground-shaking mergers, even unexpected disasters. These things often happen, and, depending on your actions can either cause positive outcomes or tragic injuries for your brand. In these situations, the timing and the message can make the difference. You can go it alone, or you can bring the expertise of bluespace creative to your side.

social marketing

Everyone is talking about it these days, but if you think saying "follow us on Facebook" is enough to actually have people do it, then you need our help. Your social media interactions must be engaging, regular, and relevant or your audience is just going to lose interest. Give us the green light and we'll provide you an online presence designed to spread like wildfire.

guerilla marketing

It's not a new phenomenon, but for many it's still considered "out there": if you want to connect with the people where they are, then you need to take it to the streets. If it's a stir you're after, we can bring a creative approach that will stop people in their tracks… and hopefully encourage them to shoot a video or two.

attire design

Any shirt shop can design your tee for free, but is it consistently building your brand? Any embroidery shop will happily stitch your logo on the left chest without a second thought, but isn't that what everyone else is doing? We're not out to take their business, just to provide the design for the sake of your hard-built brand! A defined wardrobe for your staff can set a perfect first impression, while merchandise on the backs of your fans can actually be working for your "big picture". From professional to playful, let us clothe your crew and dress your die-hards in styles that say exactly what you want while standing apart from the crowd.

book design

OK, we're sure your story is great. However, people must feel drawn to pick it up in the first place. Hit them with a striking, unique cover and pages that are easy to read. It helps. A lot. Promise.

package design

The combination of a great product with great packaging is an amazing partnership. Many packages tend to forget that their greatest task is not in crowding its labels with benefits, but in driving the subconscious to notice your product… and then to actually feel good about purchasing it. While packaging is usually something people recycle immediately, we aim to create packaging people actually want to keep as long as the product inside.

POP (point of purchase)

The point of sale is a critical moment. Your audience is connected with your product, perhaps even seeking it out, at the very place where the transaction can take place. Demonstrating a benefit, clenching attention, building a brand - these are the aims of a great P.O.P. While the ultimate goal is to create a love affair with your product, the relationship starts by getting your audience to take that very first step and trust you will provide what you are promising. We bring the creativity you are looking for to earn that trust, and to make your P.O.P. truly pop!

environmental design/signage

Any place your brand is present should reflect your core message, but that doesn't mean just blindly plastering your logo wherever you can. Allow us to help you maximize your internal and external environment with thoughtful representations of your brand. The point is not to bombard the audience with your presence, Times Square style, but to subtly guide them to a more beneficial relationship with you. Whether you have a permanent space or a temporary place, we can create an environment which draws people in and encourages the action your brand should inspire.

editorial design

Newsletters, periodicals, even one-off magazine articles. Great writing needs great design. Keep the audience reading with a captivating design that reinforces your message.

event design

Thousands of people. Just a few seconds to draw them in. What can not only grab their attention, but have them talking about you as they leave the floor? It takes creativity and a true engagement of the audience. We'll help you get there.

interior design

You've got your audience right where you want them, in your office, in your store… now what? Is interior design simply about aesthetic, about colors which match and patterns which demonstrate a certain quality? If you truly understand branding, you know that every choice is meant to achieve something special, whether subliminally or overtly. What can the layout and style of your space say about your core message? Just enough.

product design

Have a problem? Or a solution? Sometimes the most unlikely ideas become the next big craze. When your light bulb goes off, dwell on it for a few days. If it sticks with you, chances are it has potential to stick. Come talk with us and let us help take it from concept to something you can hold in your hand.

color forecasting

So maybe your product is already designed, even successful on the shelves. We can lend our design expertise to choosing the details and colors which will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Breathe fresh new life into your brand with color forecasting, whether subtle or bold.

3d modeling

When we sell products, we often work with their lead engineers to turn tech art into a sales tool, rendering an impressive representation of the real deal. This same skill is invaluable during the conceptual process of product design. From 3D renderings to texture mapping, we'll make something from nothing, then everything will be all right.


Many brands are associated with sounds. Turn on your computer and you'll hear something which immediately reveals its brand. Hear a distinct voice and you instantly recognize the person from sound alone. Audio is a crucial part of your brand experience, from lobby atmospherics to your product's turn-me-ons. Not only will you be seen, you'll be heard.

cd/dvd duplication

That's right, in-house media duplication right here at bluespace. Our clients enjoy fast turnaround on burned and branded discs that are quite a bit more professional than those with permanent marker scrawlings.


Almost all our staff are composed of professional photographers with a passion for the art. This enables the same people who know your brand well to be at the front lines of your important shoot. (It also means quick, last-minute shots will be top-notch!)


Hey, can you hear me? We can give your audience something intriguing they download straight from your website. They might listen now… they might listen later. Either way, they're listening. What do you have to say?


As an authorized print broker, we benefit our clients by providing top notch printing, managed completely in-house. Our high volume of print buying allows us to secure professional quality printing for our clients at a very reasonable rate. Plus it's all managed and inspected by the same designers who brought the piece to life, ensuring the vision is carried through to a stunning final piece in your hands.

promotional gear

It's easy to imprint your logo on every type of product there is. And every business seems to do the standard fare: pens, polos, coffee mugs, etc. The more difficult task is to attach your name to a giveaway which actually says something about you and gets real attention with the people you really want to target. Give us a shout and we'll give you a great giveaway.


Armed with creativity, experience, and the most cutting edge equipment, we're ready to shoot, edit, and deliver your high caliber commercial in-house. If you're keen on the Hollywood-size production crew (and don't mind paying for their catering) we can go that route, too.


Our in-house production department is equipped to handle most small to mid-size sign projects including interior, exterior, directional, and event signage. Most branding studios contract this type of work out, but our production department offers our clients a seamless, direct approach to bring their brand from the page to real life with the original vision in mind.


When you need a façade covering which promotes your brand, we've got you covered. In-house, we produce fabulous awnings to get you noticed and pull your audience in.


Whenever you need to take your message with you, banners are an economical and effective choice. Let us help take your banner from concept to design to production.


Good ideas tend to stick. From vehicle wraps to product labels, our in-house production department happily makes all the sticky creative ideas we design to better your brand.

lit cabinets

We'll make your image shine! When lit signage is appropriate for your needs, we'll handle everything from design to production, in-house, so you can draw your audience in like moths to a flame.

tradeshow displays

Thousands of people. Just a few seconds to draw them in. What can not only grab their attention, but have them talking about you as they leave the floor? It takes creativity and a true engagement of the audience. We'll help you get there.

vehicle graphics

Think of how many cars you pass every day - it's an immense number. It's another opportunity to build exposure for your brand and set the tone which suits you best. From design to installation, we'll help drive your brand toward higher recognition.


See this, what you're reading now? This is our voice. We're creative types trying to make you think we're pretty cool but also somewhat capable of managing your brand. Your voice is probably quite a bit different. The key to great copywriting is portraying your unique personality while driving the action you desire. Of course, the point is not procuring your thesaurus, thereby pontificating preposterously recondite locutions. No, that ain't it at all. In fact, we'd rather just connect with your audience using the language they actually speak. Comprende?


In just 30 seconds, your character has gone from perfect morning to life-altering dilemma to satisfying resolution and then back to perfect life (cue product placement and teeth glimmer NOW!). Well that's how it used to be, at least.

phone dialog

It may seem small, but do your employees have a standard phone greeting in place for each and every call? Establishing a standard greeting sets an impression of professionalism and stability. We're pretty useful for writing and recording your phone systems, too.

CMS (content management systems)

One major goal for designing your site is to allow you full control over your own content. You won't have to call a technician every time you want to add an update. Keeping your site fresh encourages return visits. Simple. By utilizing our content management system you are able to make changes to your website, from any computer connected to the internet, with no knowledge of HTML.


Put a store on your site and ramp up your sales! Even many of our nonprofit clients utilize e-commerce to equip their fans in promotional garb.

email signatures

A consistent, professionally-designed signature elevates the feeling of your messages. Plus, consistency is necessary for any company with multiple users. Ensure each message is working toward your end goal while building brand exposure.

flash design & development

Add function and true interactivity to your audience's screens. Pull them in and deliver a true experience. For websites and interactive media, Flash is a great technology for engaging on a higher level.


When we design and host your site, you know you're getting a reliable and responsive partner for your online needs. While we'll set you up to maintain as much as possible on your own, we'll be here for the larger creative changes and complex technical stuff. Plus- we're timely. Forget waiting months for your special updates - we're on it.

RSS feeds

Some people just can't wait for their news. If your audience is among them, hit us up for RSS capabilities when we design your website.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Remember when phonebooks were one of the most important advertising tools? Well, now there's a new 'phonebook' and being on the first page has nothing to do with the alphabet. Is your business reaping the benefits of professional search engine optimization? Leave it to us to maximize your exposure and drive up your leads.

web stats

How many visitors is your site actually receiving? How long are they staying? What are they looking at and what are they not? We'll measure your performance and help you fine tune your web presence for the results you want.

website design

In case you've been living under a Commodore 64, we thought we'd say, "Websites are huuuuuuuuge!!!" So huge, in fact, we've got an entire department dedicated just for web and interactive design. Your website is your face to thousands of people who've never walked in your door. Make it useful. Make it beautiful. *click!

application development/databases

Performing and managing daily repetitive tasks efficiently can be painful. Our database developers will work with you to help relieve your pain. Utilizing database applications and web technology bluespace creative is able to build custom internet applications for your website or intranet.