have ignition!

From humble beginnings, the scope of our clientele has skyrocketed to include countless brands in locations spanning the globe. Ranging from the Fortune 50 to the regional start-up, we represent brands in nearly every industry—branding people, places, products, services, and entire cities.

We like
what you’re saying!

Thriving from 100% word-of-mouth alone, our growth has been placed squarely on the success of our clients and their desire to spread the word. In fact, to date, we've never solicited a single client. We don't pitch work, and we don't advertise. We simply create work that creates results, and we let our happy clients do the rest!

is Key.

Through the years, we’ve been called many things;
An advertising agency, marketing firm, design firm, print shop, and even a sign shop. I guess you could say we’re all of that, but behind it all, you’ll find that we’re a brand communications agency. Placing our core focus on developing and
delivering effective
brand strategy to the
clients we serve.

are for

Many agencies outsource lots of their work. The cost is marked up and passed on to the client. Our team of well-rounded creatives and in-house capabilities allow us to do little to no “farming out,” going further on the same budget and having more control of the final product.
So forget the big farms and enjoy something fresh.


If we’ve met at our studio, well then you know - we’re set apart not only by our location and work but by our refreshingly ripe approach. Pick us!


To us, this is more than just a job, career, or even a profession; It’s our lifestyle! It’s who we are when we walk through the doors each morning or jump awake with that next crazy idea at 3 am;
We live for this stuff!

Talk to us,

While some agencies own a bus and place their core focus on selling you a ticket just to fill a seat, at bluespace, we base our approach on our clients’ intended destination. After all, some clients may only require us to walk beside them, while others may need us to fire up a jet.
Either way, the point is to get somewhere!


Sure, we may have started 20 years ago with the cards stacked against us and the corn rows around us. And we understand our location isn’t for everyone, but for us, we love it here! After all, what’s not to love; working in a studio that seems to be plucked straight from downtown Manhattan by day and going home to beautiful, peaceful Iowa by night.
I guess you really can have your cake and eat it too!

A Lot of Garbage.

Let's face it; the creative sector may be one of the most over-saturated, under-qualified industries on the planet. Add in the fact that this trade requires little or no certifications or experience, and you’ve got a lot of misguided decisions. At bluespace, our creative choices are based on sound, proven principles backed by years of know-how,
never personal preference. We know that for
every handful of creatives we meet,
one may be equipped with the
skills and knowledge we require
to join our team.